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Events in October 2018

03-10-2018 to 13-10-2018

* Comprehensive Course on “Research Methodology in Social Sciences”

Prof. H. N. Prasad, Course Director, University Librarian, Central Library, BHU


04-10-2018 to 06-10-2018

National Seminar on "Advances in Mantle Petrology"

Prof. Rajesh K. Srivastava, Convener, Deptt. of Geology, Institute of Science, BHU

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04-10-2018 to 06-10-2018

* International Seminar on "Lok Sanskriti Samvardhanam-IIIÂ "Vashwik Lok Sanskriti: Parampara Aur Pratibimb"

Dr. Vidhi Nagar, Convener & Head, Deptt. of Dance, Faculty of Performing Arts, BHU


04-10-2018 to 05-10-2018

Recent Trends in Cytogenetics Scientific symposium and Workshop on “Next Generation Flow Cytometer – CytoFLEX LX for Recent Advancement of Modern Scientific Research“

Conducted By:Prof. Dr.Royana Singh IMS, Dept. of Anatomy Banaras Hindu University

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05-10-2018 to 06-10-2018

* National Conference on "Critical Health Humanities: Health and Disease in Literature and Popular Culture"

Dr. Pravin Kumar Patel, Convener, English Section, MMV, Dr. Rahul Chaturvedi, Co-Convener, Deptt. of English and Mrs. Shipra Tholia, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of German Studies, Faculty of Arts, BHU

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06-10-2018 to 07-10-2018

* 30th Annual Conference of UP Chapter AROI (Uparoicon-2018)

Prof. U. P. Shahi, Organizing Chairman, and Dr. S. Choudhary, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Radiotherapy & Radiation Medicine, IMS, BHU


06-10-2018 to 07-10-2018

National dialogue on "Teacher Education: Present Scenario & Future Challenges"

Coordinators Prof. Seema Singh, Prof. Anjali Bajpai, Faculty of Education, BHU

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*  National Seminar on “Media Regulatory Framework in India: Issues and Challenges”

Dr. Adesh Kumar, Faculty of Law, BHU


13-10-2018 to 14-10-2018

* 30th Annual Conference of UP Chapter AROI (Uparoicon-2018)

Prof. U. P. Shahi, Organizing Chairman, and Dr. S. Choudhary, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Radiotherapy & Radiation Medicine, IMS, BHU


14-10-2018 to 16-10-2018

R.S. Mishra Centenary International Conference on Mathematical Sciences (RSMCICMS)

Prof. M. M. Tripathi, Convener, Deptt. of Mathematics and Dr. Bankteshwar Tiwari, Co-Convener, DST-CIMS, BHU


22-10-2018 to 28-10-2018

* National Workshop on “Environmental and Heritage Issues in Indian Culture”

Prof. Pushp Lata Singh, Head and Convener, Deptt. of A.I.H.C. & Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, BHU


24-10-2018 to 27-10-2018

TROPMET-2018 Conference on "Understanding weather and climate variability: Research Application to Society"

Prof. R. Bhatla, Convener, Deptt. of Geophysics, BHU


24-10-2018 to 25-10-2018

राष्ट्रिय संगोष्ठी "भारतीय सभ्यता विमर्श : धर्मपाल की इतिहास दृष्टी"

भारत अध्ययन केंद्र एवं भारतीय इतिहास अनुसंधान परिषद्

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26-10-2018 to 27-10-2018

'बनारस, भोजपुरी और केदारनाथ सिंह' विषय पर राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी

प्रो0 श्रीप्रकाश शुक्ल, समन्वयक, भोजपुरी अध्ययन केन्द्र, कला संकाय, काषी हिन्दू विष्वविद्यालय।



* National Seminar on “Indian Taxation System: Impetus & Impediments to Economic Development”

Prof. Dinesh Kumar Srivastava, Faculty of Law, BHU


27-10-2018 to 28-10-2018

* Conference on "Differential Equation, Bifurcation and Chaos with Numerical Simulation in MATLAB"

Dr. Anupam Priyadarshi, Convener, Deptt. of Mathematics, Institute of Science, BHU


27-10-2018 to 28-10-2018

* International Conference on “Integrated Approach to Management of Lifestyle Disorders”

Prof. Rajendra Prasad, Organizing Chairman and Dr. Ajai Kumar Pandey, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Kayachikitsa, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU


27-10-2018 to 28-10-2018

Workshop on Differential Equation, Bifurcation and Chaos with Numerical Simulations in MATLAB

Dr. Anupam Priyadarshi, Convener, Dept. of Mathematics, IS, BHU

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29-10-2018 to 31-10-2018

XXXVI Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Neurosciences (IAN)

Prof. S. Prasad, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Zoology, BHU

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31-10-2018 to 01-11-2018

* Workshop on 'Advances in Earth System Science' and editorial board meeting of Journal of Earth System Science (JESS)

Dr. N. V. Chalapathi Rao, Convener, Deptt. of Geology, Institute of Science, BHU


31-10-2018 to 02-11-2018

National conference on "Hydrogen Energy in Indian Perspective: Role of Nano Materials"

Prof. O.N. Srivastava, Convener

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