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U.G.C. Human Resource Development Centre

Organization and Responsibility of Human Resource Development Centre, BHU

The HRDC-BHU caters to the needs of teachers and academic administrators of the colleges/universities. HRDC-BHU has its own website and all the necessary information are posted/up dated regularly. In order to make an OP/RC optimally effective, the HRDC-BHU maintains a systematic record of all participants, their achievement, their professional growth and change in their capabilities as teachers. This HRDC also ensures maintenance of a course-wise systematic record of resource persons, participants, and year-wise and subject-wise list of courses conducted. Also, HRDC maintains a proper record of the reading material produced, and keeps copies of such material in the library.
At present there are 66 Human Resource Development Centres in India. The Academic Staff College, BHU was established during seventh plan in the year 1987 by the UGC. The first Director was Prof. B. B. Dhar followed by Prof. M. S. Srinivasan, Prof. V. S. Jaiswal, Prof. K. K. Narang, Prof. Janardan Singh, Prof. Kumar Pankaj, Prof. B. B. Bansal, Prof. S. N. Upadhyay, Prof. Kamal Sheel. The present Director is Prof. A. V. Sharma. From April 01, 2015 the UGC has changed the UGC-Academic Staff College to UGC-Human Resource Development Centre(UGC-HRDC).

Legacy Chart of Directors is as Follows:

S.No Name Period
1. Prof. B. B. Dhar 08.10.1987 to 03.12.1991
2. Prof. M. S. Srinivasan 03.12.1991 to 01.11.1993
3. Prof. V. S. Jaiswal 01.11.1993 to 24.11.1998
4. Prof. K. K. Narang 24.11.1998 to 11.02.2000
5. Prof. Janardan Singh 11.02.2000 to 19.12.2005
6. Prof. Kumar Pankaj 19.12.2005 to 17.07.2009
7. Prof. B. B. Bansal 17.07.2009 to 19.04.2010
8. Prof. S. N. Upadhyay17.07.2010 to 31.01.2011
9. Prof. Kamal Sheel01.02.2011 to 31.3.2011
10. Dr. Anand Vardhan Sharma01.4.2011 to till date